Pricing Arrangement Reference Group

The NDIA’s Pricing Arrangement Reference Group (PARG) provides advice, through the CEO, to the NDIA Board on price control arrangements for the NDIS.

This is to ensure price regulation activities and decisions are coordinated to support the best possible outcomes for NDIS participants during the transition to a competitive market place.

The PARG’s Terms of Reference (DOCX 53KB) outlines the PARG’s role and how transparency is supported in pricing policy.  

PARG members

The PARG is chaired by the NDIA’s Scheme Actuary, David Gifford. There are 5 independent members of the PARG:

  • Flavio Menezes is a leading economist in market design, auction theory, competition, regulation and incentives. He is a Professor of Economics and the Director of the Australian Centre of Business and Economics at the University of Queensland. He is also the Chair of the Queensland Competition Authority. As a highly regarded expert, he is sought after for his economic counsel by various private and public organisations.
  • Matthew Clarke works as an Associate Director at Marsden Jacob specialising in price regulation, cost recovery and funding. He has a proven track record of conducting complex pricing reviews for state, territory and federal government agencies across sectors.
  • Felicity McNeill PSM has a track record managing complex healthcare budgets including such as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and other subsidy national programs, both within the Health and Finance portfolios, which she has since channelled into  her volunteer work helping patient and clinical groups to participate in government processes. 
  • Deborah Cope brings over 35 years of experience in analysing, reforming and implementing social, economic, and environmental policies across all levels of government. She was a member of the NSW Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), and the principal of PIRAC Economics. 
  • Jim Cox PSM is Deputy Chair of the Australian Energy Regulator. He contributes advice form his experience in price regulation, economics and social policy issues.


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1 March 2024