Independent Expert Review Oversight Committee

We have convened an Oversight Committee to monitor the implementation, processes and outcomes of the Independent Expert Review program. The Committee will ensure: 

  • reviews are conducted independently of the NDIA
  • perspectives of the disability sector are embedded in the Independent Expert Review process
  • transparency on progress and outcomes of the Independent Expert Review program.

The Oversight Committee is chaired by Mr Graeme Innes AM, and includes eight independent members:

  • Alan Blackwood, Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance
  • Jeff Smith, Disability Advocacy Network Australia
  • Miles Browne, Victoria Legal Aid 
  • Sam De Lyall, Disability Advocacy NSW
  • Katharine Annear, Member with lived experience with disability and in the AAT process 
  • Dariane McLean, Member with lived experience as a parent of a person with a disability and in the AAT process
  • Dr George Taleporos, Member of the Independent Advisory Council
  • Tricia Malowney, Independent Advocate

There are three members from government agencies, one from the Department of Social Services and two from the NDIA: 

  • Matthew Swainson (NDIA)
  • Andrew Ford (NDIA)
  • Peter Broadhead (DSS).

The Oversight Committee members represent a wide range of disability and advocacy sectors, bringing their own experience of disability or experience of going through the AAT process. 

The Independent Expert Review program was established to help reduce the number of cases needing to go through to an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) hearing. The Independent Expert Review involves the referral of a matter to an Independent Expert, who will recommend an appropriate outcome of the matter. The IER program was developed in consultation with disability advocates and community stakeholder groups. View details about the IER Program.

A monthly communique summarising information from that month’s meetings will be published below:

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1 May 2023
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