You can visit the Am I eligible page to complete an NDIS checklist and see if you might be eligible.

If you think you might be eligible and want to apply:

  • make a verbal application by calling us on 1800 800 110
  • complete an Access Request Form and return it to us

If you need help to apply, please contact your local area coordinator, early childhood partner or NDIA office .

Make a verbal application

You can apply to the NDIS by calling 1800 800 110 to make a verbal application.

We will ask for the same information as the application form.

You will be asked: 

  • to confirm your identity and/or a person's authority to act on your behalf
  • questions about providing consent to apply for the NDIS and about getting information from third parties.

Complete an Access Request Form

You can apply to the NDIS by completing an Access Request Form.

You can:

  • download the Access Request Form (PDF 573KB) – note this is not compatible with Internet Explorer, 
  • call or email and ask us to send you the form, or
  • collect a form from your local area coordinator, early childhood partner or NDIA office.

You need to complete Section 1 and then sign and date the form. 

If someone else signs the form on your behalf, you need to give us evidence of your consent by:

  • calling 1800 800 110 and giving us your verbal authority, or 
  • attaching written consent to the form.

A treating professional completes Section 2 and then signs and dates the form.

Get your evidence

When you apply, you must also send us evidence to prove:

  • your age
  • you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • you live in Australia permanently
  • your disability.

You can visit the following pages for information about evidence of your disability:

Please do not send USB devices or CDs, as we will not be able to use this information.

Send us your form and evidence

You can submit your form and evidence:

  • by email to [email protected]
  • by mail to GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601
  • to your local NDIA office. Visit the contact us page to find an office near you.

Email is the quickest way to:

  • return your Access Request Form and evidence
  • receive information from us about your application.

If you can, provide us with your email address so that we can send important information to you about your access request.

If you need help

If you need help filling in the form, making the call or getting your evidence ready, you can contact your local area coordinator, early childhood partner or your local NDIA office.

Visit the contact us page to find an office near you.

If you need help with English, call our TIS service on 131 450.

If you have hearing or speech loss, call our TTY service on 1800 555 677. For Speak and Listen, call 1800 555 727, or for Internet relay services, visit the Relay Service webpage .

If you would like another person or organisation to act on your behalf when applying for the NDIS, you need to give us evidence of your consent.

Visit Our Guidelines – Your information and privacy for more information.

What’s next?

We will check your application and evidence to make sure you have provided everything. We will let you know if something is missing.

Once you have provided everything, we will decide if you are eligible or ask for more information within 21 days.

If you are eligible for the NDIS, you’ll also need to give us proof of your identity.

Providing more evidence 

If we need more information about your disability or need for early intervention, we will let you know.

One of the ways you can give us this information is by asking your treating professional to complete a Supporting Evidence Form.

Download the Supporting Evidence Form:

Once we've been given more information, we will make a decision. 

Find out how long this takes in our Participant Service Guarantee .  

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6 January 2023
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