Australia's Disability Strategy 2021-2031

We all benefit from a more inclusive Australia where everyone has the same opportunity to participate – both socially and economically.

We know that people with disability achieve the best outcomes when they have access to the same services and facilities as the broader community, such as housing, healthcare, education, justice and community safety, shops, sports clubs, transport, websites and work.

Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031 outlines a vision for a more inclusive and accessible Australian society where all people with disability can fulfil their potential as equal members of the community. Its purpose is to: 

  • provide national leadership towards greater inclusion of people with disability 
  • guide activity across all areas of public policy to be inclusive and responsive to people with disability 
  • drive mainstream services and systems to improve outcomes for people with disability 
  • engage, inform and involve the whole community in achieving a more inclusive society.

The NDIS is a key part of the ecosystem of supports that Australians with disability rely on. Our role will be to continue working with all levels of government, people with disability and the sector to build a strong mutual understanding of:

  • what is considered a reasonable and necessary support and whether these supports should be provided by the NDIS or other mainstream or community services 
  • how the NDIS and other service delivery systems interact and complement one another
  • how to determine the most appropriate funding and service delivery approach.

Our partners in the community will also continue help all Australians with disability, their families and carers access a broad range of community and government services. In this way, we aim to work at both the individual and systemic level to support Australians with disability to access and enjoy services available to all Australians.

Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031 recognises all levels of government are responsible for supporting people with disability to reach their full potential, as equal members of the community. It sets out priorities and plans for all governments to work with the community, business, and people with disability to implement and realise its vision in a coordinated and targeted way.

With all governments working together to deliver on our responsibilities, we can achieve the vision of an inclusive Australian society where people with disability can fulfil their potential, as equal members of the community. 

For more information about Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-31 please visit the Australian Government’s Disability Gateway website .

This page current as of
3 December 2021