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The plan implementation directory links you to information on the NDIS website. We want to help NDIS participants, their families, and carers make their own choices about how to use their NDIS plan. 

We have added some new information based on what participants told us was important and some new Easy Read guides and animations.

There are also some tip sheets to help you work out how to do things or things to think about when you want to implement an NDIS plan.

A team of dedicated participants, family members and carers helped us create this directory. They told us what was important to help them start and use their NDIS plans.

They also gave us feedback on new and updated content we have put on the NDIS website. We thank them for their valuable help with this work.

This is a test version, and we want to keep improving it to make sure it meets the needs of participants, their families, and carers.

Tell us what you think about the directory and what would make it better. You can send an email to [email protected] or use the feedback option at the bottom of this page.

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3 October 2022
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