What you need to know about compensation

Compensation will not affect your ability to meet access to the NDIS. 

If you receive a compensation payment, the NDIA may recover funding of NDIS supports relating to your injury that you have paid for out of your plan. 

We may also make an adjustment of the funding in your NDIS plan to account for your compensation payment. We call this a Compensation Reduction Amount.

What is compensation?

If you have sustained an injury, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. The amount of money you may claim is based on the loss you sustained due to the injury. The money you claim may include amounts for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Economic loss
  • Medical and like expenses
  • Domestic care and assistance. 

What compensation is relevant to the NDIA?

If you have received a compensation payment, the NDIA needs to know about it. You can tell the NDIA when you apply to become a participant, or you can tell your Planner or LAC if you are already a participant. 

We will need to assess a compensation payment if it includes an amount for:

  • Medical and like expenses
  • Domestic care and assistance.

Why is compensation relevant to the NDIA?

The NDIS will not fund supports that are, or should have been, funded by a compensation payment.  Accounting for compensation is important to ensure the financial sustainability of the Scheme for current and future participants.

What do you need to tell us, give us, and why?

When you tell the NDIA about your injury, we may ask you to complete a form, called a Compensation Information Form (PDF 794KB). The form includes questions about your injury and compensation.

The NDIA may need your consent to collect and share your information with third parties. The NDIA will ask for this consent if it is needed. 

This information is collected by the NDIA in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We use the information to determine whether the payment you have received, or may be entitled to receive, will be assessed by the NDIA.

It is important to provide information about any compensation payment you have received, or may be entitled to receive, when you are making an access request or attending a planning meeting. 

If you would like more information, see - Information and Documents required for the NDIA to undertake its functions

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5 June 2020
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