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About individualised living options

ILO is a package of supports that lets you choose where and how you live in the way that best suits you. ILO funding does not pay for a house. 

Using your ILO funding, you can: 

  • explore different ways to live – with friends, family or a host
  • design a support package to help you live the way you choose 

There are lots of choices with ILO. You can share your home with friends or housemates or you might live in the home of a host. 

The purpose of ILO is for you to live in a way that best suits you. Your ILO and the funding you get will be specific to your needs. We consider your preferences, strengths, support needs, informal and community networks when deciding the right ILO funding for you.

What makes ILO different

ILO is designed just for you. ILO supports work with other funded supports and services you receive as well as the help you might get from your family, friends or community. 

ILO is not:

  • a group home where people with disability share supports and don’t get to choose who they live with
  • a ‘placement’ where children and adults with disability are placed with a family or other people to ensure a roof over their heads
  • a facility, hostel or other shared accommodation service
  • a program of 1:1 rostered care with set supports and services that don’t reflect the participants preferences or needs 
  • funding for where you live.

ILO: Our Guideline

The Individualised Living Options (ILO) Guideline explains what an ILO is, how it benefits participants, how we fund ILO supports and how you get ILO supports in your NDIS plan. 

Read the ILO Guideline to learn:

ILO participant scenarios

Learn more about how ILO can help participants achieve their home and living goals:

Getting started – Stage 1 explore and design 

It is never too early to start thinking about where and how you want to live in the future. If you or your family think you might want to change how you live, this is a good time to talk to the NDIA about your home and living goals and include these in your NDIS plan. 

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13 September 2022
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