This calculator can help you understand how much support you have available in your plan. It is based on how much funding you have available and how long you have left in your plan.

The calculator can provide an estimate of the funding available based on a selected timeframe (such as $200 per month) or the number of hours of support (such as 10 hours per week).

This may help you work out how much support you can buy for the duration of your NDIS plan and stay within your budget.

Important things to know

  • This budget calculator can only be used for one type of support each time, for example one support worker on a weekday pay rate. 
  • The support organiser (XLSX 30KB) might be helpful if you have more than one support, for example 2 support workers on different pay rates for weekdays and weekends.
  • If you have a lot of supports you might need to get specialist help to organise your plan budget. Your local area coordinator, early childhood partner or NDIS planner can help. If you have funding for a support coordinator they can help you too.
  • There are sometimes delays in payments being made to providers. This means that the available funds showing in the myplace participant portal may be more than you actually have available.

Information needed to use the calculator

  • Your plan reassessment date (this helps work out how many months or weeks are left in your plan). This is the "NDIS plan reassessment due date" which you can find on page 1 of your NDIS plan.
  • How much funding is in your plan for a particular support. You can find this in the Funded Supports part of your NDIS plan. The amount you need is from the budget column of the funding table.
  • How much has already been spent for that support. You can find this in the Funding Report in the myplace participant portal. If you are at the start of your plan, you can use $0
  • For questions marked with a red asterisk * you need to put an answer or 0

User Guide

The following user guide may help you to use the budget calculator below. It includes an example.

Support organiser

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