Where can you find a support coordinator?

You are able to choose both registered and unregistered support coordination providers. 

You can search for registered support coordination providers near you using the Provider Finder tool

  • Search providers with the registration group ‘Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages / transitions and supports’ for providers who are registered to deliver Level 1 Support Connection or Level 2 Coordination of Supports.
  • Search for providers with the registration group ‘Support Coordination’ for providers who are registered to deliver Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination.

You can connect with a support coordinator through a request for service. Your planner can help you prepare a request for service. You can issue a request for service:

  • in the myplace portal to registered support coordinators
  • by email if you choose an unregistered provider
  • directly to your preferred provider if you wish to contact your chosen support coordinator yourself.

Working with a support coordinator 

Once you have connected with a support coordinator, you and your support coordinator should meet to talk about the services that will be delivered.

Support coordination can be delivered include through in person meetings, over the phone or video based on how you would like to communicate.  

You and your support coordinator should set up a service agreement. It should include: 

  • what services will be available and provided by the support coordinator
  • the roles and responsibilities of you and your support coordinator
  • how to resolve any problems
  • what happens if you or your support coordinator want to change or cancel your support coordination services.

You choose who you want to share your plan with. You and your support coordinator should discuss what information they will need to best support you. 

You should discuss how you prefer to communicate with your support coordinator. 

Changing your support coordinator 

You can change support coordinators at any time. 

If you would like to change your support coordinator, you should discuss this with your current support coordinator before changing. You will need to follow the process in your service agreement.

Your support coordinator should help you find a new provider. 

Before you receive support coordination services from your new provider, you may need to update and end your service booking with your current support coordinator. Your current support coordinator can help you to do this.

You can then create a service booking with your new support coordinator using your remaining support coordination funding.

Your current support coordinator must give you a report which outlines what your new support coordinator needs to know.

A copy of the report should also be provided to your new support coordinator and NDIA to ensure you keep getting the services you need.


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