Your early childhood partner, local area coordinator or the NDIA can explain how to request changes to your plan and can also put you in touch with advocates who can help you with these processes.

If you have asked for a reassessment, you can continue to use your plan while you wait for the decision.

Change in circumstances

If your personal circumstances change significantly and this affects the supports you need from the NDIS, you can request a plan reassessment at any time by completing the change of circumstances form.

Find out more about change in circumstances.

Internal review of a decision

If you are unhappy with a decision about the funding in your plan you can request a review of the plan decision

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

If you're unhappy with your internal review you can apply for a review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) , which exists outside the NDIA.

You can’t ask the AAT to review a decision by the NDIA before there has been an internal review by the NDIA.

NDIS Appeals

NDIS Appeals has been set up by the Department of Social Services  to ensure that all people with disability, and other people affected by reviewable decisions  of the NDIA, have access to support when seeking review of those decisions in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal  (AAT).

There are two types of supports available via NDIS Appeals:

  • access to a skilled disability advocate who acts as a support person, and
  • access to funding for legal services, where a case raises complex or novel legal issues.

Support Persons are National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP) disability advocates. Find out more about NDIS Appeals

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7 September 2022
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