Fraud and non-compliance

The NDIA protects the NDIS from fraud and non-compliance that results in the misuse of NDIS funds.

Our goal is to safeguard NDIS funds for participants so that the NDIS is there for Australians with disability when they need it. 

We want to make sure participants get the maximum benefit from their NDIS funds so that they can pursue their goals and live an ordinary life.

Fraud and non-compliance hurts participants 

When people do the wrong thing with NDIS funds it:

  • takes money from a participant’s NDIS budget 
  • stops participants from being able to purchase the supports they genuinely need
  • makes it harder for participants to pursue their goals
  • puts additional pressure on carers, family, friends and support networks.

Participants who have been the victim of fraud and non-compliance have also told us they:

  • feel fear or shame 
  • have lost trust in their providers and the NDIS
  • are worried they will lose supports if they report suspicious behaviour to us. 

If you are the victim of fraud or intentional non-compliance, it is important to remember it is not your fault. Criminals and dishonest people who target the NDIS all have the same goal – to rip off people with disability and the taxpayers who fund the NDIS. 

Safeguarding NDIS funds for NDIS participants 

We are committed to preventing, detecting and responding to fraud and non-compliance and, most importantly, to protecting the NDIS. 

Our Fraud Strategy Statement outlines our approach to addressing fraud and non-compliance.

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17 November 2021
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