Organisational structure

The current National Disability Insurance Agency's Organisational Structure is structured as follows.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Lisa Studdert was appointed acting Chief Executive Officer of the National Disability Insurance Agency on 02 July 2022

Participant Experience Delivery

Deputy CEO, Participant Experience Delivery (direct report to the CEO) – Jeremy Dean

  • General Manager, National Delivery – Scott McNaughton
  • General Manager, Operations and Support – Andrew Maitland 
  • General Manager, Partner and Contact Centre – Luke Napolitano

Design, Digital and Strategy

Deputy CEO, Design, Digital and Strategy (direct report to the CEO) – Sarah Johnson (acting and temporary arrangement)

  • Participant Advocate (Direct report to Deputy CEO, Design Digital and Strategy) – Donna Purcell
  • General Manager, Participant Experience Design – Garth O'Brien (acting and temporary arrangement)
  • General Manager, Strategy and Priorities – Sumone Chakravarti
  • General Manager, Policy, Advice and Research – Sam Bennett
  • General Manager, Digital – Alex Stewart

Markets, Government and Engagement

Deputy CEO, Markets, Government and Engagement (direct report to the CEO) – Lisa Studdert

  • General Manager, Provider and Markets – Gerrie Mitra
  • General Manager, Government – Liz Neville
  • General Manager, Communications and Engagement – Jamie Lowe
  • Chief Counsel – Chris Burke

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) (direct report to the CEO) – Nicole Glazebrook

Chief People Officer

Chief People Officer (direct report to the CEO) - Hamish Aikman

Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer (direct report to the CEO) – Ian Frew

Chief Risk Officer

Chief Risk Officer – Melissa Woodburn

Scheme Actuary

Scheme Actuary (direct report to the CEO) – Sarah Johnson

This page current as of
1 July 2022