Organisational structure

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Rebecca Falkingham was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the National Disability Insurance Agency on 18 October 2022. 

The CEO is supported by four Deputy CEOs (DCEO), the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Transformation Officer and the Scheme Actuary.

Each are responsible for one of six groups:

  • Chief Transformation Officer – John Dardo
  • Market Stewardship and Home & Living – Penelope McKay
  • Service Delivery – Scott McNaughton 
  • Strategy and Service Improvement – Corri McKenzie
  • Governance, Risk & Integrity – Debbie Mitchell 
  • Chief Operating Officer – Samuel Porter 
  • Scheme Actuary & GM Analytics Data & Actuarial – David Gifford

Also reporting directly to the CEO are:

  • General Manager Children’s Task Force – Liz Neville 
  • General Manager Enterprise Process Improvement – Samantha Taylor 
  • General Manager Strategic Coordination – Gabriela Pulczynski

Chief Transformation Office

Chief Transformation Officer – John Dardo

Market Stewardship and Home & Living

Deputy CEO, Market Stewardship and Home & Living (direct report to the CEO) – Penelope McKay 

  • General Manager Partners – Aaron Verlin
  • General Manager Provider & Market Development – Gerrie Mitra

Service Delivery

Deputy CEO, Service Delivery (direct report to the CEO) – Scott McNaughton

  • General Manager, National Delivery – Des Lee (Acting) 
  • General Manager, Operations & Support – Andrew Maitland 

Service Design & Improvement 

Deputy CEO, Service Design & Improvement (direct report to the CEO) – Corri McKenzie

  • Participant Advocate (direct report to Deputy CEO, Service Design & Improvement) – Donna Purcell
  • General Manager, Participant Experience Design – Garth O'Brien
  • General Manager, Strategy and Priorities – Jamie Lowe (Acting)
  • General Manager, Policy, Advice & Research – Sam Bennett
  • General Manager, Communications & Engagement – Shannon Rees (Acting)

Governance, Risk & Integrity

Deputy CEO, Governance, Risk & Integrity (direct report to the CEO) – Debbie Mitchell

  • General Manager, Government – Deb Connock (Acting)
  • Chief Counsel Legal – Matt Swainson
  • General Manager Audit & Risk Division – Mark Sullivan

Chief Operating Office

Chief Operating Officer (direct report to the CEO) – Samuel Porter

  • General Manager CIO – Lyle Wells (Acting)
  • General Manager CFO – Phoebe Thompson (Acting)
  • General Manager Digital – Alex Stewart
  • General Manager People & Culture Division – Kath Harris (Acting)
  • General Manger Analytics Data & Actuarial – David Gifford 
This page current as of
30 May 2023