We want to reward the great work our people do, every day. Whether they work with our participants or in a support role, we all have an important role to play. 

That’s why we have a program that recognises our staff and the positive impact they have on the Agency and our participants.

There are three parts to the NDIA’s Employee Recognition Program.

Everyday Recognition 

This gives instant and timely recognition. It helps us celebrate the everyday achievements and actions of our peers, team or leaders who are doing a great job.

Annual Light Up Awards

These awards are for people who go over and above. Our Annual Light Up Awards give a more formal way to recognise people for the brilliant things they do. 

The awards include 8 award categories based on our Agency Values and Participant Service Engagement Principles.

Service Recognition

This program recognises and celebrates the tenure and dedication of employees who have worked for the Agency or Australian Public Service (APS) for a considerable period. The program recognises employees for their continuous service at the following milestones: 

  • NDIA for 10-years 
  • APS for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50-years. 
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8 December 2022
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