NDIA gifts and benefits register

This register shows gifts and benefits valued at more than $AUD100 (excluding GST) that have been received by NDIA officials. The register is updated quarterly.

01 January 2024 - 31 March 2024

Table 1: Gifts and benefits register showing gifts and benefits valued at more than $AUD100 (excluding GST) that have been received by Agency officials
Date received Date recorded Gift item / benefit service Received by (Agency contact if not received directly by Agency head) Presented by (giver's name, organisation / country) Occasion Estimated value in $A (wholesale value on country of origin or current market value in Australia)
17 January 2024 01 February 2024 Qantas Chairman’s Lounge membership John Dardo Colin Thomas, Qantas Airways Limited Invitation to join $ Unknown
01 March 2024 04 March 2024 Attendance to Melbourne ServiceNow summit Russell Brett Alex Mei Yang, ServiceNow Government Special Interest Group conference $150
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