Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2023-2027

The  Corporate Plan 2023-2027 (PDF 5.9MB) is the Agency’s most significant planning document.

You can read this as a full report, Easy Read or watch in Auslan.

We recommend people using screen readers to use Adobe Acrobat Pro or NVDA.

The Corporate Plan identifies our purpose, outcome, programs and key activities for our work over the next 4 years.

We aim to achieve the outcome through the following 2 programs and key activities:

  • Program 1.1 - Reasonable and necessary supports
    • Key activity 1 - Improve participant experience and outcomes with a financially sustainable Scheme
  • Program 1.2 - Agency costs
    • Key activity 2 - Develop a high performing NDIA for participants

Our Corporate Plan outlines how we will measure our achievement.

The plan has been developed in line with government expectations and informed by reviews of key metrics, performance standards and analysis of current issues.

It meets the requirements under s177(1) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and s35 of the Public Governance Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Of fundamental importance to our Corporate Plan are our Participant Service Charter and Participant Service Improvement Plan.

Participant Service Charter

The Participant Service Charter shows how we will work with and support participants, and explains what participants, their families and carers can expect when they deal with us.

The Participant Service Charter is based on five engagement principles:

  • transparent 
  • responsive 
  • respectful 
  • empowering 
  • connected.

It also includes new timeframes, called our Participant Service Guarantee.

This sets timeframes for the Agency to make decisions about access, plan approvals, implementation, plan reviews and nominee changes. 

Participant Service Improvement Plan

The Participant Service Improvement Plan shows the practical activities and changes we’re committed to delivering to ensure the NDIS works better for everyone. 

Past Corporate Plans





The 2019-2023 NDIS Corporate Plan is available for your reference.

The magazine version of the Corporate Plan provides an overview of the Plan and a fold-out poster of the Agency's aspirations and goals:

Corporate Plan Magazine 2019-2023 (DOCX 622MB)


The 2018-22 NDIS Corporate Plan is available for your reference.


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