NDIS and bushfire and emergency support

Bushfire and emergency information

Every year during the Australian summer, we face a range of hazards, including bushfires, cyclones, floods, extreme heat and severe storms. It is important to note that state and territory emergency services have responsibility for the response to emergencies for all citizens. The Agency should not be considered the first or primary source of information in the event of an emergency.

Below you will find a range of state or territory based websites and resources to help you keep up to date. In the event of an emergency or disaster, please always follow the local advice for your state or territory. If there is an emergency situation, we will adjust our approach in response and notify you of the supports we have in place.

During an emergency

Your local emergency services are your first responders during this period.

Emergency services will issue warnings when an emergency is likely to impact your area. 

Your state and territory emergency services will provide you with information on what is happening and our best advice on what you should do.

A list of state based resources is on the NDIS in your state page.

National resources 

Emergency Management Australia’s Disaster Assist supports Australia's responses to emergencies, disasters and security incidents.

They work with local communities in times of crisis to provide financial assistance to individuals and the states and territories. These funds provide support and help with disaster recovery costs.

The National Bushfire Recovery Agency (NBRA) leads the Commonwealth-supported bushfire recovery, which provides help to bushfire-affected communities.

Advice for providers

The NDIA expects all registered providers to have emergency plans in place and ready to enact if required, as part of their registration requirements.

In the event of an emergency or disaster, you should always follow the local advice for your state or territory. 

This page current as of
8 December 2020