Candidates with disability

Disability Strategy and Action Plan 2018-20

The NDIA aims to be an employer that ensures people with disability are able to access secure and sustainable employment opportunities and are respected for their skills and capabilities.

Through the Disability Strategy and Action Plan, the Agency has committed to supporting the employment and career development of people with disability.

The NDIA aims to be an accessibility and inclusion world leader in the employment of people with disability. We work hard to attract, recruit and retain people with disability.

We support all NDIA employees with disability by being a Gold Member of the Australian Network on Disability (AND)

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Disability Confident Recruiter

Through our partnership with Australian Network on Disability (AND) the NDIA are now an accredited Disability Confident Recruiter, and in doing so, we confidently recruit talent from diverse groups, including people with disability.

We make appropriate adjustments to the recruitment process for all candidates and provide an excellent candidate experience to all applicants.

Affirmative Measures - Disability Employment

The NDIA is invested in being an employer of choice for people with disability, demonstrating to the community the value that people with disability can bring to an organisation.

Some of the NDIA’s positions are only available to people with disability, or a particular type of disability. This provision is called Affirmative Measures - Disability employment.

The measure is designed to address the under-representation of people with disability in Australian Public Service (APS) agencies.

You can read more about Affirmative Measures for people with disability  on the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) website.

On our Careers page you can view current NDIA vacancies for Affirmative Measures positions.

RecruitAbility Scheme

The NDIA’s participation in the APS RecruitAbility scheme means we will progress an applicant with disability to an advanced stage in the recruitment process, where they opt into the scheme and meet the minimum requirements for the position.

You will be asked to indicate if you wish to opt into the RecruitAbility scheme in the Diversity section of the online application form.

You must tick the ‘opt in’ box to participate in the scheme.

Simply declaring that you have a disability will not automatically include you in the scheme.

Details about the RecruitAbility scheme can be found on the Australian Public Service Commission Recruitability  page.

Reasonable adjustments

We provide reasonable adjustments such as access, equipment or other practical support at relevant stages of the recruitment process. You can specify in the application form if you have necessary adjustments or please ask us at any stage.

If you need to contact us about reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process please send an email or phone 1300 138 337.

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9 September 2020