Monitor plan budgets and support effectiveness

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A key role of a support coordinator is to help the participant to monitor their plan budgets and effectiveness of their supports. This generally involves:

  • coaching, refining and reflecting on how the participant directs and uses their supports
  • reporting on plan implementation progress.

Coach, refine and reflect 

A support coordinator should coach the participant to become more confident and independent when:

  • navigating NDIS systems and processes
  • establishing their supports, including negotiating with providers
  • choosing and controlling how to make the best use of their supports in plan.

When implementing supports in a participant’s plan, a support coordinator should help the participant:

  • evaluate how effectively the supports have met, and continue to meet, the participant’s needs
  • track progress towards pursuing the participant’s goals, including how their current supports contribute
  • adjust the mix of supports or how they are delivered according to the participant’s needs and wishes.

When preparing evidence to support an upcoming plan reassessment, a support coordinator should also reflect with the participant on:

  • what worked well, including what outcomes were achieved
  • what the participant would like to explore, change and/or improve in their next plan,  including what evidence might be needed.
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7 September 2022
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