Build a participant’s capacity and capability

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Support coordinators play an important part in helping participants to become more independent. A key role of support coordinators is building a participant’s capacity and capability to:

  • understand their NDIS plan
  • navigate the NDIS
  • make their own decisions.

They should also help participants prepare for unexpected situations. 

Build capacity and resilience

Support coordinators should work with participants, their families and carers to build their confidence and skills to implement their plan more independently. To do this, a support coordinator should:

  • explore how the participant can exercise choice and control
  • help the participant to clarify their support preferences 
  • help the participant to identify suitable providers who can meet their needs 
  • identify and create opportunities for the participant to do these activities more independently.

These tasks should be led by the participant and their families and carers.   

A support coordinator should not make decisions on a participant’s behalf. Instead they should support participants to make their own decisions, allowing participants to take reasonable risks.

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7 September 2022
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