Individualised living options for providers

About individualised living options (ILOs)

ILOs enable alternative ways of supporting and funding living arrangements for NDIS participants. There are lots of choices with ILO. Participants can share their home with friends or housemates. Or they might live in the home of a host. 

ILO supports are reasonable and necessary supports provided to a participant so they can:

  • identify their preferred living arrangement and support package through an in-depth exploration and design process, and 
  • live the way they want, where they want and with people they choose. 

ILO supports offered through the NDIS are based on contemporary home and living models. They offer participants the flexibility and choice to live in a way that best suits them.  

Enabling positive participant outcomes

Designed well and with the right people involved, ILOs can lead to many positive outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers. As an ILO provider you will be supporting a participant to have a:

  • say in the direction of their life by supporting them to express their own ideas and preferences for their home environment, and how they live day-to-day
  • sense of belonging as they connect with others and become a valued member of a household 
  • role and purpose by having the opportunity to contribute to relationships, the home and to a shared life and experiences.

Stages of ILO

ILO supports are implemented in two stages.

ILO Stage 1: Exploration and Design

Stage 1 involves learning about the participant’s home and living aspirations based on their preferences and needs.

In partnership with the participant, their family, friends and other support networks, the provider and participant work together to discover where the participant wants to live, who with, what supports they need, and how the ILO package is best set up.

Exploration and Design is a critical step in developing the right ILO package for a participant and ensuring the right level of funding is available. 

ILO Stage 2: Supports

Stage 2 involves putting the endorsed ILO package of primary, supplementary, formal and informal supports in place, including finding and implementing the supports the participant needs to live the way they want. Stage 2 also involves ongoing monitoring and adjustment of the ILO package as the participants needs change. 

ILO provider responsibilities and attributes

ILO services need to be delivered in line with the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act) and relevant NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission requirements including the NDIS Code of Conduct .

There is no requirement for a participant to engage the same provider to deliver both Stage 1 and 2 of their ILO. However, it is strongly encouraged that the provider of Stage 2 is involved in the preparation of the Service Proposal Form.  

ILOs require providers to:

  • focus on people and actively take time to understand participants’ experiences and perspectives, especially in understanding their needs, goals and visions
  • have a culture and practice that starts with the participant and their goals
  • work with participants to design supports around their goals
  • prioritise outcomes over process
  • work flexibly with participants to identify supports aligned with their vision
  • develop a range of options, try something new and explore possibilities that enable people to have more say and control over their support 
  • safeguard all parties respectfully and in partnership with the participant.

ILO pricing 

There are two Individualised Living Options (ILO) line items in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits

The line items are:

  • Individualised Living Option – Exploration and Design
  • Individualised Living Option – Supports

The line items will enable individuals to explore home and living support arrangements that are alternatives to group homes. 

There are three funding levels for each of these line items which are detailed in the ILO Guideline .

Do providers need to be registered to offer ILO services to NDIS participants?

The categories below apply for registered organisations to claim ILO services delivered to NDIS participants.

  • 0106: Individualised Living Option – Exploration and Design
  • 0115: Individualised Living Option – Supports 

The standard arrangements for plan management apply to enable participants to use unregistered providers.

This page current as of
1 April 2022