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Making payment requests

Registered providers can make a payment request once a support has been delivered or provided.

If a participant is NDIA-managed, you need to create a service booking before providing supports.

Without a service booking you will not be able to submit payment requests to be paid for supports you have provided.

NDIS plans in our new computer system won’t have service bookings.

Participants with plans in our new computer system can record providers that they regularly work with.

These myproviders will be paid quicker than providers not recorded by participants as my providers. Find out more about how NDIA’s new computer system and my providers.

Payment requests are submitted through the myplace provider portal. Details are in the myplace provider portal step-by-step guides.

We actively monitor payment requests to make sure claims accurately reflect services delivered.

Payment in advance

Prepayment is generally not permitted for supports or services.

For some higher cost supports, you may be able to claim prepayment before the support is delivered.

Prepayments without written approval from the NDIA can only be claimed in the specific circumstances outlined in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits.

Plan-managed payment requests

If a participant is plan-managed, plan managers must include a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).

It is mandatory for plan managers to include an ABN for all businesses unless the payment request is:

  • a reimbursement to a participant who has paid for a support or service with their own money
  • for a provider exempt from quoting an ABN under Australian Taxation Office (ATO) rules.

For information about ABN entitlement and exemption visit the ATO website .

In-kind supports

Some providers are paid by the state or territory government. However, these types of support are progressively transitioning to the NDIS.

For further information and resources go to the In-kind supports provider information page.

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9 April 2024
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