Connecting with NDIA systems

Register for development access

Download and complete the Digital Provider questionnaire.

Complete a current ASIC company extract, this can be purchased for $17 on the ASIC website . The date on the Current Company Extract should be within four weeks of the date you post these documents to NDIA.

The current company extract gives us the registered Director/s and Secretaries. We use this to confirm the signing authorities on the terms and conditions.

If the terms and conditions are being signed under a Power of Attorney, or alternative signing authority, please send a copy of the supporting signing evidence.

Email the completed Questionnaire, and Current Company Extract to [email protected].

The DPO will send a copy of the Terms and Conditions to be digitally signed by the appropriate parties within your organisation. Please ensure you provide the correct contact details based on your ASIC Extract for further information see read only copy of our Terms and Conditions.

The DPO will review your application and let you know the outcome

If your application is successful, we will send you a technical pack with:

  1. Onboarding guide
  2. NDIA Provider Digital Access (PRODA) step-by-step guide API connect
  3. PRODA B2B software developers guide.

Register for a PRODA test account by following the instructions in the technical pack.

Activate your account in the vendor developer portal using the link that will be emailed to you.

You can then view the API specifications in the vendor developer portal.

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13 January 2022
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