A participant’s SIL funding is not linked to a specific provider, existing service or a provider-determined support model. 

Once the participant has an approved plan, providers can discuss the exact supports to be delivered within the approved funding and manage support delivery.

Participants will be notified in writing of their SIL funding decision. 

If a participant is new to SIL or has had a change of circumstances that results in their SIL funding changing, the NDIA will communicate the participant’s funding decision to:

  • the SIL provider listed in the participant’s roster of care
  • the participant’s support coordinator.

We will communicate the following information to the SIL provider and the support coordinator:

  • the annual funding value for irregular SIL supports 
  • the annual funding value for the regular SIL plan 
  • the total funding value for the SIL plan (category level amount)
  • the estimated funding value for weekly SIL supports (not including irregular support days).

This will include information on any variations from the roster of care submission.

We will notify the SIL provider as decisions are made. We will email the information to the SIL provider’s primary contact email in the provider’s record.

Providers can update their contact information via the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website  or via Provider Digital Access (PRODA).

In most circumstances we will continue funding an existing SIL participants’ SIL supports at the current value in their plan.

Where this is the case, providers should support participants to work within the approved budget.

Refer to the Supported independent living operational guideline for information on when participant SIL funding might need to change. 

The NDIA will automatically adjust SIL funding to reflect any funding changes that materially impact on the participant’s SIL plan value, such as any indexation changes. 

In some circumstances we may review SIL funding decisions outside a plan reassessment. This could be because an error has occurred or to ensure the amount of support remains reasonable and necessary. 

The participant’s approved SIL funding may not match the total value in the provider’s proposed roster of care. The NDIA will explain funding decisions to the participant and their representatives.

This will occur during the planning conversation and will be detailed in the participant’s approved plan. 

All participants who receive SIL are also funded for a support coordinator to help the participant implement their plan.

Their role includes discussing with providers the supports they are to deliver within the participant’s plan funding.

Under the NDIA Act, the NDIA cannot accept requests to review participant plans from providers. If a participant doesn’t agree with the decision we’ve made, they can ask for an internal review of our decision.

They’ll need to ask for an internal review within 3 months of getting their plan. Learn more about reviewing our decisions

Providers must ensure that service bookings and payment requests align with the participant’s plan funding, the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits and the NDIS Code of Conduct .

The NDIA acknowledges providers’ ongoing commitment to delivering high quality SIL supports. The NDIA continues to work with participants and providers to support improved outcomes for SIL participants. 

We encourage providers to contact the NDIA’s provider engagement branch for information and ongoing advice about delivering SIL supports.

Automatic plan extensions

If a plan reassessment has not occurred by the time the participant’s current reassessment date, it will be automatically extended by 365 days.

An automatic plan extension also updates any existing SIL service bookings, to ensure support continuity for participants.

The duration and quantity of supports will reflect the new duration of the plan but will not reflect the original service booking in the plan.

To modify automatically extended service bookings to match the original plan, providers should update the unit price and quantity in service bookings. Learn more about managing service bookings.

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13 September 2022
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