Helping participants engage with local support coordinators

The NDIA is continuing to improve how we support participants to implement their plan and engage with funded NDIS supports and services.

From October 2021, we have updated our processes to enable the local Partner in the Community (partner) to help participants identify and engage with a local support coordinator if this funded in a plan.

If participants have a preferred support coordinator, the partner can still help participants engage with that service.

This change applies only to participants where a local partner has developed their plan and they receive funding for a support coordinator.

What does this mean?

  • For many participants, they will not notice a change.
  • If participants do not require a support coordinator, there will be no change.
  • In areas where there is no partner, the NDIA will continue help participants engage with local supports.

What is the impact for providers?

  • As a result of this change, support coordinators may now also receive a request for service from an NDIS partner.
  • There is no change to the reporting requirements or expectations of support coordinators.
  • Support coordinators will continue to have price limits that apply to their work in line with the latest Price Guide and Support Catalogue (external).

Why are we making this change?

  • We have made this change to improve your experience with the NDIS. This is all part of our Participant Service Improvement Plan (external).
  • By accessing the local expertise of your partner, you’ll be supported to quickly identify and engage with a support coordinator in your area that most suits your support needs.
  • For more information, please contact your partner or NDIA planner.