Explore NDIS data with the new interactive data tool

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Use the new and improved interactive data tool

The NDIS has released a new, fully accessible interactive data tool to replace the simple data tool.

Use the tool to explore data about participants, active providers, market concentration and the use of plan budgets. 

The interactive data tool allows you to:

  • apply multiple drop-down filters to each data set (such as state and territory, service district, disability type and more)
  • search for data using a map of Australia, divided into service districts – you can zoom in and out and easily switch between the map and data tables
  • use the drop-down filters and map to create custom data tables based on the information you need
  • export your custom data tables as an excel spreadsheet.

To help you understand the data sets better, use the supporting documents linked at the bottom of each table. These explain the terms and data rules of each data set, with examples of how to search the data.

The tool also features a ‘description function’. When you choose filters to dig deeper into the data, the tool makes a sentence explaining the findings from the filters.

We will add more data sets to the interactive data tool in the future.

Explore a range of refreshed data

We have also refreshed all previously released data downloads and tables to 30 September 2020.

On the Data downloads page, you can explore updated NDIS data on a range of topics, such as:

  • participant goals
  • participant and family/carer outcomes
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants
  • plan management types.

Find out more about NDIS data

If you need help understanding or using the available data, please email the Scheme Actuary.

Researchers, academics, government agencies and departments can submit a request for tailored NDIS data for a specific purpose. If you are interested in a tailored NDIS data set, please visit the Request data page.

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