Improved pricing arrangements for some travel costs

We have updated the Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (PAPL) document to clarify and improve pricing arrangements for some travel costs.

Assistance with daily life and supported independent living 

We have included extra support items for Provider Travel – Non-labour costs. This allows participants to utilise the support from their Core budget in cases where Capacity Building funds are not flexible.

In support of this change, we have updated the NDIS Support Catalogue with new item numbers and descriptions.

Core - general transport

We have updated a few words in the PAPL document to explain how this support item allows a participant to pay a provider to transport them to an activity. This could include an activity that is not itself a support. For example, it can cover participant travel to and from appointments or their place of work.  

All providers are encouraged to download the updated PAPL document and Support Catalogue from the Pricing arrangements page.