Marisa’s love of candles sparks the flame for success

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NDIS participant and Warner local Marisa Rouillon’s search for independence through creative pursuits has her tuned in for success.

The 38-year-old’s goal of work and independence combined to spark the idea of her own custom-made candle business. 

Marisa wearing a red top and pouring 4 candles

Coming to fruition after her mum, Barbara, bought her a small candle maker for her birthday, Marisa, who lives with developmental verbal dyspraxia (DVD), researched candle making through YouTube videos to mould what would become her own business, Marvellous Scents. 

With her NDIS-funded support worker providing assistance, Marisa lit the flame on what has become a hit with candle lovers and locals alike over the past two years.

“Marisa has scales and measures the wax and the amount of fragrance she wants in candles, adheres and centres the wicks, and does the warning labels on the bottom; she can do those sorts of things,” Barbara said. 

“She takes candles down to the psychologist that she sees, so she gets two candles once a month.

She also had another few for girls from the medical centre too, and a hairdresser at The Gap we know, also sold some for her last year around Christmas. 

“It is not a huge business; sometimes we go weeks without any orders, and then she might get two or three in a week.

“It’s good to see her achievements with the business and it’s been really good.”

The journey to grow Marvellous Scents has been a big step for Marisa, who’s always had a visual approach to building her capacity. 

Speaking her first word at five, DVD affects Marisa’s speech and comprehension, but her father Graeme said she’s always found ways to reach her goals.

Becoming an NDIS participant in 2019, Marisa’s funding has provided assistance from support workers, and access to speech therapy and psychology.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis, standing for long periods can also be difficult with Marisa, who also accessed NDIS funding for her walker. 

Although busy with candle making and promoting her business on Facebook and Instagram, Marisa always finds time to fine-tune her views on her favourite scents while indulging her other love of singing.

“I like the Burgundy Rose one; I like blueberry cheesecake, and the salted caramel one,” Marisa said of her favourite candles.

“I like singing because it helps me with my speech. My favourite songs are The Blessing, a worship song, and I Will Always Love You.”

In-tune with getting out and into the market, a special festive season has been the icing on the cake for Marisa, who was spreading cheer at the Wilston Village Christmas Festival. 

“Centre Care at Wilson invited Marisa to come along to the markets to sell her candles,” Graeme said.

“She went and bought a little Eftpos machine and a money box to take with her. She was really excited.”

Regardless of sales, Barbara said Marisa’s ability to build capacity and find more independence since accessing the NDIS had made all the difference, as she works towards her long-term goal of independent living. 

“We are so thankful for the NDIS because it has given Marisa more ability to do things we couldn’t afford to do before,” Barbara said.

“She gets to go out into the community more to live a better life instead of sitting around the house.

“It has been amazing.”