Devin’s coffee delivery business booms

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If you find yourself in Esperance on a weekday needing a caffeine hit, Devin O’Sullivan’s your man.

The 23 year old local started his coffee delivery service in the Western Australian coastal town as a bit of a sideline to his longer-established business, Devin’s Handy Office Help, which focuses on document shredding and mail delivery.

However, Devin’s mother Michelle says “coffee delivery is now the main thing”, having ridden the wave of the COVID lockdown.

“He sometimes does up to 10 orders a day, and each order can be multiple cups,” she says. “His delivery business takes in every school in Esperance and teachers generally do bulk orders, so he’s kept very busy.

Devin riding his electric bike

“It’s just been fantastic for him to be out there engaging with the community, nowadays more people know him than me!”

The success of his enterprise is a huge source of pride for Devin, who has autism and uses a communication device. He doesn’t drive but with help from his ‘crew’ of support workers Devin is on the job five days a week from 8.30am to 2pm.

He has been an NDIS participant since 2018 and was the first person in Esperance to have a plan approved. Michelle manages his NDIS plan, which also funds a Support Coordinator.

“Devin’s plan allows us to employ a team of two regular support workers with back-ups available as the need arises, through service provider CamCan in Esperance,” Michelle says. “We’ve been able to find people around his age which is great for Devin, and his support workers have a really positive influence on his life.

“The support staff are the contact point for coffee orders and they also drive Devin around for pick-ups and drop-offs. When an order comes through over the phone or via Messenger, the support staff and Devin place the order, then collect the coffees and deliver them.

“Depending on whether customers have cash to hand, Devin will take their money and put it in his banking bag, ready to deposit at the bank once a week – Devin is fully involved in every aspect of the business.”

In the meantime Devin’s shredding business continues to flourish and has recently paid for a new shredder to cope with an increasing workload. Given Devin is so busy, the business now employs two other NDIS participants who help lighten the load a few days a week so he can keep delivering the coffees.

When not working, Devin likes swimming, riding his NDIS-funded electric trike, watching movies and practising his art.

Plans are also well advanced for Devin to move into his own home, which his parents have bought for him. Renovations are under way and Devin is now using his NDIS funds to build his independent living skills, such as cooking, cleaning, washing his clothes and personal care.

Michelle and her husband are enjoying watching Devin’s progression to a more independent life.

“It is wonderful to see Devin working and living in our local community, with the support of the NDIS he is able to live a good life, the same as everyone else.” Michelle says.