Connecting with the mainstream

Inclusion of and access for people with disability to mainstream services, community based activities and other government initiatives, is a shared responsibility.

The National Disability Insurance Agency will work with the community to:

  • promote community awareness of the principle that people with disability have the same fundamental rights as all members of the community, and
  • ensure, as far as practicable, that people with disability have the same rights to equality as other people in the community.

Everyone in the community has a role to play in achieving this. Everyone in the community needs to consider how people with disability participate and how easily they are able to connect to services, supports, community and social activities.

The National Disability Insurance Agency will build relationships with mainstream service providers and the local community to improve understanding of the ways they can help people with disability, addressing barriers to access to their services for people with disability and build capacity for mainstream services so that people with disability can use them.

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