SDA Calculator updated

The NDIS SDA Calculator has been updated.

Previously, we had separate calculators for Legacy and Existing stock, and the other for New Build SDA. These calculators have been merged and are now available as one calculator on our website. 

These changes reflect recent updates to the 20 September 2023 Disability Support Pension.

The updated SDA calculator sets out the:

  • determination for the Maximum Reasonable Rent Contribution (MRRC).
    It is an important tool for SDA providers to calculate the SDA amount for a participant occupying an SDA dwelling, and/or estimate the likely revenue that they can achieve from SDA properties.
  • funding amounts for shared living arrangements. Shared living arrangements are arrangements where SDA eligible participants share an SDA enrolled dwelling with other, non SDA eligible persons, such as family and friends.

You should use the calculator when making calculations about SDA.