Independent Expert Review program expanded

We have been piloting a voluntary and confidential Independent Expert Review (IER) program for participants to resolve their matter prior to an Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) hearing.

The IER program is designed to improve the external review experience for participants and help reduce the number of NDIA disputes that reach the AAT. 

Following a successful initial pilot phase, we are now expanding the program under Phase 2.

In January 2023 we will:

  • increase the number of cases put forward for review 
  • engage additional Independent Expert Reviewers
  • further streamline our process and providing additional resources
  • seek feedback from participants and other stakeholders on their experience of the IER program and how we can improve it.

We developed the IER program with the input of participants, the disability community and other stakeholders.

As the IER program is rolled out more extensively we will continue to subject it to ongoing evaluation and incorporate stakeholder feedback. 

Our improved approach to dispute resolution

The IER program is part our improved approach to dispute resolution.

Read more about what  this changed approach has achieved so far.

Contact [email protected]  for further information on the IER program.