December 2021 - Industry Reference Group

NDIS Industry Chief Executive Forum (ICE Forum) Meeting: Monday 13 December 2021

Membership update

The ICE Forum welcomed members and accepted apologies.

NDIA CEO update

Martin Hoffman (NDIA) gave an update on the NDIA’s current work.

This included the Quarterly Report Q1 2021-2022, launch of the Home and Living consultation feedback report, the Annual Financial

Sustainability Report and the Annual Price Review. 

Members noted the update.

Home and Living update

Dr Sam Bennett (NDIA) provided an update on the NDIS Home and Living Policy Development including background on the co-design work, the approach being taken to develop the policy, a summary of the consultations undertaken and the tasks and challenges ahead. 

Members noted the update.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) update

Bernadette Levett (NDIA) and Nicole Mahar (NDIA) informed the group about the work on improving SIL and the SIL Demonstration Projects.

This included an overview of recent SIL trends, the recently published SIL Operational Guidelines and the planned evaluation of the Home and Living Demonstration Projects.

Members noted the update. 

NDIA Pricing update

Dr David Cullen (NDIA) gave a summary of the Annual Price Review process, submissions and consultations to date. 

Members noted the update, and discussed the current costing model for supports and other pricing matters.

NDIA Market Intermediaries update

Kitsa Papadopoulos (NDIA) provided an update on the Support Coordination Policy release.

This included a summary of the process to date, the feedback that the NDIA has received in response to the discussion papers and planned education activities.

Members noted the update and expressed appreciation in seeing the outcomes from the consultation.

They also discussed the function and purpose of service agreements.

The NDIA also provided an update on the role of Plan Managers.

This included the growing popularity of plan management and the engagement activities planned to inform stakeholders.

Members noted the update and discussed the prevention of overspending in plans.

Members also discussed the review of the quality and safeguards framework and regulation across different systems.

Participant Experience Delivery

Jeremy Dean (NDIA) delivered an operational update on Participant Experience Delivery.

This included an overview of the challenges of delivering consistent and timely participant outcomes, an overview of the Participant Experience Delivery Group and current initiatives. 

Members noted the update.

Department of Social Services (DSS) update

Brett Harris (DSS) provided an update on the draft legislative changes to the NDIA Act, including the background and purpose for the changes (to make processes easier for NDIS participants), the consultation process, feedback received and next steps.

Members noted the updates. 

Payments update

Nicole Glazebrook (NDIA) shared an update on the NDIS payment system including planned improvements. 

Melissa Woodburn (NDIA) gave an update on NDIA’s Payment, Non-Compliance and Fraud program of work, including the NDIA’s focus on proactive compliance, and use of advanced analytics to enable greater visibility of underlying risk, trends and patterns.

Members noted both updates. Members suggested that the NDIA consider employing a quality assurance framework to this work in partnership with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

COVID-19 update

Kellie Maloney (NDIA) provided an update on the NDIA’s COVID-19 response.

This included work on the COVID vaccine promotion, outbreak management, workforce strategy, Participant Contingent Care Panel arrangements and developing a national approach to support the sector moving into January 2022. 

Members noted the update.