In the Tasmania test: 

  • All new plans built in our new computer system won’t have service bookings. 
  • Existing participants will move to the new computer system at plan reassessment. New plans for existing participants won’t have service bookings. 

Providers have told us service bookings are unnecessary and create administration that many organisations would prefer to do without. 

Removing service bookings provides more flexibility for participants in how they want to manage their plan. 

Providers benefit too, with less time in the system updating service bookings and more time to invest where it matters, working with participants, delivering services and growing their business.  

Claims for payments from participant-endorsed providers do not need to be validated by the participant or their nominee, they will automatically be referred for payment. 

As part of the test in Tasmania, we’ll send an SMS to Agency-managed participants or their nominee, to let them know a claim has been made by a provider not recorded in their NDIS plan. 

General level providers with existing service bookings will automatically become a participant-endorsed provider when the participant’s plan is developed in our new computer system. 

Category level providers with existing services bookings will need to request that the participant records them as a participant-endorsed provider. 

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20 June 2023
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