Planning for new NDIS participants

How do I get an NDIS plan? | What if I already receive supports? | The NDIS funds reasonable and necessary supports | Supports not funded | Goals in your plan | What happens next? | Resources

Participant booklets

Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey.

The second booklet in the series includes useful information to help participants prepare for their planning meeting.

Booklet 2 – Planning

Booklet 2 covers:

  • Understanding your current supports
  • Creating an NDIS plan to achieve your goals
  • Receiving an approved NDIS plan

If you're about to become an NDIS participant you might have some questions about our planning process and how you get supports. We've put together some facts about developing a plan to help you get ready.

Some people may have contact with the NDIS and some people will receive a plan and some people will be connected to other supports in the community.

How people will join the NDIS has been agreed by Commonwealth, State and Territory governments.

You can apply to access the NDIS six months prior to the Scheme rolling out in your area.

People with disability who become participants in the NDIS will receive a plan. Your plan may include a mix of informal supports (friends and families), community and other government services and funded supports. Once completed – your plan will provide you with individualised funding that you control and choose how to use.

To get ready for your NDIS plan, start thinking about your immediate support needs and what your current and future goals might be.

How do I get an NDIS plan?

Once your access to the NDIS is confirmed, you and/or your nominee will be contacted by someone the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to have a planning conversation.

This planning conversation will talk about your existing supports, needs and main goals.

Your plan will usually be reviewed every 12 months (some people's plans may be reviewed more often or less often), but if your circumstances or needs change you can talk to us about having your plan reviewed at any time.

What if I already receive supports?

If you already receive supports from a State or Territory government, there are agreements in place which may mean you qualify to directly enter the Scheme. In this case, you will be contacted by someone from the NDIA when it is time to transition from your existing program into the Scheme.

Your existing supports and services will continue until you have an NDIS plan. The NDIS will use the information about your existing disability supports to help develop your plan. An NDIS representative will also have a conversation with you and/or your nominee to see if there are other supports you might need.

The NDIS funds reasonable and necessary supports

For a support to be funded it needs to be linked to an outcome you have identified in your plan. It also must:

  • Be associated with day to-day living and activities that increase your social or economic participation
  • Be a resource or piece of equipment, such as wheelchair, assistive technology or home and car modifications
  • Help you build the skills you need to live the life you want, such as opportunities to work, further your education, volunteer or learn something new.

Supports not funded

The NDIS Act and the rules made under the NDIS Act also tell us which supports will not be funded by the NDIS. A support will not be funded if it:

  • is not related to the participant's disability
  • is the same as other supports delivered under different funding through the NDIS
  • relates to day-to-day living costs that are not related to a participant's support needs, or
  • is likely to cause harm to the participant or pose a risk to others.

Goals in your plan

You might not yet know what goals you want to set for the future. That's ok, your plan focuses on what you need right now and gives you some time to think about your longer-term needs and goals. It's good to start talking to your family, friends and carers about what your goals might look like now and into the future.

What happens next?

Once your plan is finalised you will be contacted by an NDIS representative to discuss how to put it into action. The NDIS will then work with you to implement your plan. This support could be provided by a Local Area Coordinator or a Support Coordinator who will help you to connect with community and mainstream or funded supports.

As a participant, you will be able to contact your NDIS representative at any stage. They will also check in with you to discuss ideas to help you achieve your goals and connect you to community activities and mainstream support.

If this is the first time you've had an NDIS plan, it will give you time to think about how the supports you receive are working for you and what else you might need to achieve your longer-term goals before your scheduled plan review occurs.