In the Tasmania test we are testing a participant-endorsed provider process for:

  • all Agency-managed participants. 
  • participants in Tasmania who are part of the test, and also have Specialist Disability Accommodation and Behaviour Supports in their plan.

Participant-endorsed providers are registered providers you regularly work with, and you do not want to be notified every time they make a payment claim against your NDIS plan.  

You have choice and control over who you nominate as a participant-endorsed provider. You do not have to nominate a provider to be a participant-endorsed provider if you do not want to.  

By endorsing a provider, you are letting us know the provider can make claims and receive payments for their valid claims on your Agency-managed funds. It also means we won’t have to contact you to check claims on your funding made by your endorsed providers. 

You can endorse a provider at any time by talking to your myNDIS contact or by calling the National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110. 

Two types of participant-endorsed providers

Participant-endorsed providers – general 

A participant-endorsed provider at the general level is a provider nominated by you to deliver the core, capital and capacity-building supports funded in your NDIS plan. This will apply to all Agency-managed participants who are part of the test in Tasmania.

If you have existing service bookings with a provider, they will automatically become a participant-endorsed provider when your plan is developed in our new computer system. 

Participant-endorsed providers - category

All participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation and Behaviour Support will need to record their participant-endorsed providers for these two categories in their plan.  

Specialist Disability Accommodation and Behaviour Supports are required to be delivered by a registered provider under NDIS Commission rules. Having these supports recorded in your plan allows us to ensure compliance with the rules.  

Learn more about participant-endorsed providers in the information pack: 

Can I record participant-endorsed providers in my plan?

Type of plan management or support

Do I need to record participant-endorsed providers for my plan?
Yes, if you choose to.

You can record both general and category level participant-endorsed providers if you wish
Plan with Specialist Disability Accommodation and/or Behaviour Support funded supports


You are required to record category level participant-endorsed providers in your plan for these supports

Partially agency-managed Yes.

You can record participant-endorsed providers for the Agency-managed funding and supports within your plan if you wish.

Participant-endorsed providers are not recorded for the services or funds within your plan that are self-managed or plan-managed. 
Plan-managed No. 

You are required to notify the NDIA once you have selected a plan manager. This plan manager will become a participant-endorsed provider for the NDIS funds they are managing for you.


Self-managed participants are responsible for selecting and paying their providers, so they don’t need to record participant-endorsed providers on their plan.
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24 July 2023
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