Submissions open for home and living demonstration project

The NDIA is developing a new home and living policy that will inform the way we support participants to pursue their home and living goals. 

Supported independent living is one of the support categories being considered in the home and living consultations and policy development.

Supported independent living, sometimes known as SIL, is the help and supervision of daily tasks to assist participants to live as independently as possible, while building skills within a shared living arrangement. 

In additional to the recent consultation, we have sought feedback in the past 12 months on SIL services through an online survey, workshops and ongoing discussions with the sector and participants.

While supported independent living has helped many participants to pursue their home and living goals, a number of challenges remain. The NDIA is committed to exploring flexible models of SIL that will help us to deliver:

  • equitable and transparent decision making
  • greater choice and control for participants over the supports and providers they use
  • less barriers for participants pursuing their life goals 
  • more value for money for participants
  • supports that are administratively simpler, enabling viable providers with an engaged workforce more capable of delivering high quality care.

In response to sector feedback and to help us identify, evaluate and promote good practice, we have launched our first market information request for home and living demonstration projects.

We consulted the Independent Advisory Council (IAC) home and living sub-group to strengthen participant perspectives and inform the design of the market information request.

In response to feedback provided by IAC, we have committed to:

  • running an initial call for demonstration projects focused on SIL
  • exploring further calls for demonstration projects focused on other types of home and living supports, with the scope and overall process to be designed in partnership with the IAC and other key stakeholders
  • subsequent rounds that include participant-led applications and feedback received through home and living consultations
  • evaluating all of the demonstration projects to ensure that one-off projects that are successful can translate into models of funding and support under the NDIS.

We are seeking home and living demonstration projects that propose different ways to deliver and fund home and living options. 

Learn more about the market information request proposal requirements, selection criteria and key dates on the Home and living demonstration projects page.

Submissions are open until the 26 October 2021.