Independent Advisory Council bulletin on the first Scheme Reform Forum

The Independent Advisory Council has released information about the discussions at the first Scheme Reform Forum held on 10 and 11 June in Sydney. 

The Forum are part of consultations to:

  • get feedback on the proposed Scheme Reform, including priorities identified by Council
  • seek views on the short-term advice being considered by Council; and
  • seek ideas for rebuilding trust with the disability community. 

Council Members, members from across the disability community, NDIA Board members and staff talked about:

  • the main functions of the NDIS, as set out in the Productivity Commission review and NDIS Act 2013; 
  • current challenges facing the Scheme, including sustainability pressures and problems with the current planning process; 
  • the importance of the National Disability Strategy and support for information, linkages and capacity building; 
  • changes to NDIS access and planning, including Independent Assessments (IA), and how to work together on these issues in the future; and 
  • advising the NDIA Board and Minister for the NDIS on how to do Scheme reforms well, rebuild trust with the disability community, and ensure that reforms are guided by the participant experience. 

Leah Van Poppel, Council’s Deputy Chair, thanked everyone who attended the Forum for their time, their honesty and expertise. She said that these consultations were difficult for many Members and reminded everyone that rebuilding trust means having honest conversations and being able to speak openly, respectfully, and plainly. 

The Forum will help Council draft advice, which will include recommendations for improvements to the proposed NDIS access and planning reforms, including IA, to help address sector concerns. This advice has been directly sought by the NDIS Board and Minister for the NDIS.

For more information on the Council-convened consultation on Scheme reforms read the Independent Advisory Council News Bulletin 16 June 2021 and Council engagement and timelines (PDF 55KB) .