Improving communication with participants

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From time to time, the NDIA may contact you through phone calls, emails, letters and other accessible formats. 

We may contact you to seek your feedback, check in on your circumstances, update your details, advise you of an appointment or remind you that your plan is coming up for a review. 

The Agency is always looking at ways to improve communication with participants. We are increasing our use of SMS as a way to contact participants who have selected mobile phone as their preferred method of contact. 

This approach will allow us to let you know when to expect a call from the Agency, or when you have opportunities to provide feedback. 

We know it is important to be sure the SMS you receive are from the NDIA. If you are concerned about an SMS or any other communication you received from the NDIA, this is what you can do:

  • call our Contact Centre on 1800 800 110 to check
  • go to our Have your say page for a list of our current activities

If you would like to receive SMS in the future from the NDIA, you can select your preferred contact method through the access process, by calling the Contact Centre 1800 800 100 or in the participant myplace portal.