Australian Government announces funding to help deliver NDIS workforce

Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Stuart Robert, today announced the first group of projects to receive funding to encourage NDIS market and workforce growth – helping to deliver the world-leading scheme.

Minister Robert said 16 successful projects will share in $10 million in grants from the Jobs and Market Fund (JMF).

‘The projects will help address under-supplied markets in the NDIS, focusing on demand by service type, NDIS participant cohorts, or in rural or remote Australia,’ he said.

‘The NDIS is expected to create up to an additional 90,000 full time equivalent workers across Australia by 2023—almost double the current disability workforce.

‘The first round of JMF projects will help meet this demand by developing and delivering workforce training for those working in the NDIS, and helping to recruit and retain a capable workforce.’

The JMF builds on the success of projects funded under the $112 million Sector Development Fund, which supported organisations to transition to the NDIS, and complements the $33 million Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program.

Minister Robert said investment in these projects demonstrates the Australian Government’s commitment to the successful delivery of the NDIS, which is expected to benefit 500,000 participants over the next five years.

‘We’re 80 per cent of the way there and we know the last 20 per cent is the most difficult, today’s announcement is part of that important final push,’ Minister Robert said.

The grants will run over two financial years from 2019-20 to 2020-21. See the complete list of projects funded under the first JMF grants round .

Read the Minister's media release