Riding a wave to a new future

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Catching a wave in the sparkling Gold Coast surf is just one of the feats Megan Turner has accomplished in the past nine months, as the Ipswich woman enjoys a new lease on life after joining the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in July last year.

Megan couldn’t have imagined taking part in such exploits this time last year. After acquiring a brain injury during a fall at age 10, followed by multiple brain surgeries from the age of 11, Megan experiences significant difficulty with concentration, which has resulted in a proclivity for hoarding, where she starts to declutter and rearrange things in her house multiple times then loses concentration.

Prior to July last year, Megan did not receive any regular support which meant that daily activities like cooking, keeping her house in order and finding enjoyable hobbies were challenging.

Through the NDIS, Megan now receives funding for a support worker from community organisation Alara Queensland to visit weekly and help her to de-clutter her apartment, rearrange her living space, and help her to cook herself meals.

Megan said her experience with the NDIS had given her the confidence to be able to go out in the community and live her life, and become involved in activities she never thought possible.

“I feel like I am living again after being in hibernation for so long,” Megan said.

“I would encourage people to apply for the NDIS because it has made such a difference to me.”

Megan said her newfound independence had paved the way for a bright future where she was once again able to find and do things that she enjoyed.

“I feel inspired to try new things. I have always enjoyed art and now I am in a regular art class and I am enjoying it,” Megan said.

Megan has also developed a newfound passion for surfing; enjoying the Gold Coast ocean with the help of the Gold Coast Disabled Surfers Association.

“I can’t wait to get back and be swept away with surfing again soon.” Megan said.

"It is wonderful to have things to look forward to again!"