Children transitioning from the NDIS

In some cases reassessments may determine that early intervention has increased a child’s capacity and independence, and decreased their need for additional support, which is what the NDIS is all about.

This may mean some children will work towards their goals over time to the point they no longer need NDIS assistance.

In this instance, the early childhood partner will work with the child and their family to support them in their transition to mainstream and community supports.

Adults transitioning from the NDIS

If, in the future, a person has further delays or increased functional impact, the NDIS will provide reasonable and necessary supports again.

The aim of early intervention is to alleviate the impact of a person’s impairment on their functional capacity by providing support at the earliest possible stage.

Early intervention support is intended to benefit a person, reducing their future support needs.

NDIS plan reassessments are an important part of the Scheme. If a person has entered, via early intervention requirements, their eligibility will be assessed at each plan reassessment.