We know independent assessments will be a big change for participants, their families and carers. That’s why we’ve started to talk about them now, to make sure everyone is prepared for independent assessments to start later this year.

We will ask participants taking part in the pilot questions about their experience with independent assessments that will help us get this important change right for all NDIS participants.

The pilot is an important way for us to gather more information about how independent assessments work in practise, and seek feedback from peak bodies, stakeholders and advocacy groups will also help inform the proposed reforms, before any changes to the NDIS Act are put to the Commonwealth Parliament.

In line with the updated Participant Engagement Payment Policy, participants taking part in the second independent assessment pilot will be eligible for a reimbursement payment. The reimbursement will be made at a one-off flat rate of $150 per participant after they have completed an independent assessment.  

The Participant Engagement Payment Policy allows us to pay NDIS participants, people with disability, their families and carers, who give up their time to provide input to our improvement projects. 

We are paying participants for contributing their time attending an assessment. After they have completed their independent assessment, participants are also invited to give feedback about their experience. Participants will be able to tell us what worked well in the pilot and what could have been better.

The involvement of participants is important, as this will help ensure the second pilot provides robust data to inform independent assessments in the future. 

Reimbursing participants, their families and carers for contributing their time and feedback to NDIS improvement projects is not new. We continue to be committed to ensuring participants, their families and carers can have their say to shape how independent assessments will work. 

Participants who have already participated in the second independent assessment pilot, which commenced in October 2020, will also be eligible for the one-off reimbursement. 

Participants who take part in the pilot will receive their independent assessment results. We know from the first pilot that participants found this information useful in subsequent planning and when choosing the supports they need.

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30 April 2021
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