For participants - the second independent assessment pilot

Key facts

  • We've restarted our second independent assessment pilot.
  • We’re inviting 4,000 NDIS participants to do an independent assessment in this pilot.
  • If you receive a letter or email from us, you can volunteer to do a free independent assessment.
  • We’ll use the data we collect from assessments in this pilot to help us inform how we implement independent assessments.
  • We’ll keep talking to participants, their families, the disability community and other stakeholders like state and territory governments, to help inform how we implement the proposed reforms to the NDIS.

This pilot is helping us gather additional feedback from participants, their families and carers, as well as assessors, to ensure independent assessments can be tailored to meet the needs of the Scheme’s diverse participants.

We’re asking 4,000 NDIS participants to do a free independent assessment as part of the pilot. 

This is the second time we’ve done a pilot on independent assessments. We’ll use the data and information we collect in this pilot to make sure the way we build NDIS plans is based on evidence, done in an equitable and consistent way, and provides participants with the supports they need.

We want feedback from participants on their experience of an independent assessment too. The pilot is an important way for us to gather more information about how independent assessments work in practise.

We want to understand the experiences of different types of participants, like people with complex and psychosocial disabilities, and participants who are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We have split NDIS participants into groups based on age, disability and functional capacity. Then, we randomly selected participants from these groups and sent them an invitation to join the pilot.

We have identified participants in this way to make sure the people involved in the pilot represent our entire NDIS population of more than 430,000 participants.

If you’ve received a letter or email from us asking if you’d like to do an independent assessment, you’ve been randomly selected through this process. 

Only participants invited to join the pilot can do an independent assessment. 

Joining this pilot and doing an independent assessment is not mandatory. You’ll need to tell us if you’d like to be involved and provide your consent.

You can also tell us if you’d like more information.

We’ve asked APM, Allied Care Group and HealthStrong to do the independent assessments for this pilot.

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30 April 2021
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