How can I be sure that an ILO will be safe, secure and stable for me?

The exploration and design stage of ILO gives time for you and your provider to consider safety and security. Your ILO arrangement must include strategies that will address any vulnerabilities you have.

Your ILO arrangement should allow you to try new things, live your life and make your own decisions safely, with the support of the people around you. These strategies are very important to enable you to have more independence, while maintaining your safety.

Other things that can help make sure your ILO arrangement is safe, secure and stable are:

  • being in control of your living arrangement
  • building good relationships with the people you live with
  • increasing your visibility in the local community 
  • developing a network of people that look out for you locally
  • blending the professional and personal contacts who support you. This means there are many different people able to ensure your arrangement is safe, secure and stable.

The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Framework is designed to ensure high quality supports and safe environments for all NDIS participants.

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26 April 2021
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