What happens if there are no ILO providers to work with in my area?

During the exploration and design process, some meetings and conversations may occur via video chat or phone. You can contact a capacity building organisation in your area for information and assistance with this. 

You may also want to discuss your thoughts and ILO request with another local provider you know; they may be considering expanding their business to include ILO.  Although they may not yet be an ILO provider, they may be interested and willing to work with you to develop and implement your ILO. 

You may also want to self-manage your ILO, however you should consider the nature of your arrangement, your situation and capacity before exploring this option. Self-managed ILOs work best if the arrangement is not complex, and if you are able to manage things like finding, employing and paying your supports.

You should also be able to educate and coordinate the people involved in delivering your formal and informal supports or have support from family, friends or advocates to do this.

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26 April 2021
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