Q and A - 9 April

Posted on 09 April 2018

collapsedWhat is the NDIA’s Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach?

collapsedMy child’s planning meeting is coming up with an Early Childhood Partner, what should I ask for?

collapsedHow can the ECEI approach help families of children with disability or developmental delay?

collapsedCan funding be provided in my child’s plan for me to attend training related to my child’s disability?

collapsedCan in-home supports be funded for my child?

collapsedOur Psychologist has recommended that we try the computer program Cogmed with our ASD, ADHD son to help increase working memory. Can this be claimed under NDIS and if so would purchasing the software go under Consumables or Capacity Building?

collapsedCan an NDIS plan fund play equipment for sensory needs and gross and fine motor issues?

collapsedIf my child needs a walking frame, wheelchair or orthotics in the future, what part of the plan would the assessment come out of?

collapsedMy son has Autism level 1 and not eligible for the NDIS, however he was eligible for previous government support. Why can he not access the NDIS and what other avenues do we now have?