Q and A - 7 May

Posted on 07 May 2018

collapsedHow is an access decision made?

collapsedWhat evidence do you need to make an access request?

collapsedCan the NDIA get evidence from Centrelink on my behalf?

collapsedHow is permanence assessed during access?

collapsedCan I apply if my disability isn't included on List A or List B?

collapsedI was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) five years ago. I currently work full-time and manage independently at home and in the community. Should I apply for the NDIS now just in case my situation changes?

collapsedMy daughter started childcare and I've noticed she isn't speaking like other children her age. Can I apply to the NDIS to help pay for her speech therapy?

collapsedMy brother has an intellectual disability. Can I apply to the NDIS on his behalf?

collapsedHow long will it take to process my access request?

collapsedHow can I get my access request processed as quickly as possible?

collapsedWhat's the difference between a Verbal Access Request (VAR) and an Access Request Form (ARF)?

collapsedWhat can I do if I disagree with the access decision?