Q and A - 30 July

Posted on 30 July 2018

collapsedWhat happens if you run out of funds?

collapsedAs a self-manager, do I need to pay invoices out of my own money then claim reimbursement?

collapsedDo I need a separate bank account to manage my NDIS package?

collapsedI self-manage my son’s plan. Is it compulsory to tell his occupational therapist (OT) or speech therapist we are funded through NDIS?

collapsedDo self-managed participants need to follow working condition requirements of any particular awards?

collapsedCan you employ a family member as a support worker?

collapsedIs it possible to see a physio who isn’t registered with the NDIS?

collapsedCan I use my NDIS funds to pay the gap for Medicare services?

collapsedCan I claim the gap from private health insurance for allied health services in my plan?