Q and A - 30 April

Posted on 30 April 2018

collapsedCan I pay for therapy up front, and then ask financial intermediary to reimburse me?

collapsedHow is SIL paid for? Especially in a group house if only one of the clients does not have 24 hour support funding?

collapsedLiving in a group home who is responsible for buying the fridges etc and the vehicle?

collapsedWhat happens to a child who has been on waiting list for 12months for a meeting for ECEI and then turns 7 when they are finally getting close to a meeting? They just get denied funding?

collapsedI've been told I need to submit evidence of my disability to assist my NDIS access request. What do I need to do?

collapsedWhy have the call centre hours been changed?

collapsedHow can I contact NDIS outside of these hours?