Q & A – 28 September 2017

Posted on 28 September 2017

Question: How do I find a support coordinator?

Answer: The NDIS has a list of providers searchable by registration group. To view it, visit the “Find registered service providers” page. It is also good to do your own research to find the right provider for you.

Question: My child's assistive technology has broken. How do I get it fixed?

Answer: Your child’s NDIS plan should include funds (under the Capital budget) to cover repairs and maintenance costs for your Assistive Technology (AT) supports which have been identified as reasonable and necessary.

In the first instance, you should contact the provider who supplied the AT to discuss the repair and maintenance request. In some cases where the item is relatively new you may be entitled to a replacement or repairs free of charge as part of your consumer rights to address any faults. See the ACCC website for more information.

Question: Can I purchase apps using my NDIS funding?

Answer: Yes – if the app directly relates to your support needs, the cost of an app can be funded by your plan. It all comes back to whether the app is reasonable and necessary. If you are unsure whether the app is suitable, have a chat with your planner or Local Area Coordinator.

Another thing to consider when purchasing something like an app is how you are managing your plan. If you have chosen for the Agency to manage your provider payments, the business where you purchase the app needs to be registered as a NDIS provider. There are a number of different ways you can manage your funding, including a mix of Agency-managed and self-managed. This will determine the way you go about purchasing your app. Find out more about options for managing your plan or again, bring this up with your planner or Local Area Coordinator to find out what is best suited to you.

Question: Does the money for plan management come out of your child's allocated funding, or is it added to the funding?

Answer: The funding in your child’s plan is dependent on the supports you and your child need. If plan management is included in your plan, it will be funded in addition to the other supports. You can read more about plan management and the different ways a plan can be managed here.

Question: When I get the NDIS will I lose my Centrelink Mobility Allowance?

Answer: Your eligibility for the Mobility Allowance payment ceases when you receive an approved NDIS plan. You cannot receive Mobility Allowance once you have a plan with the NDIS. However you will keep your Health Care Card if you have one.

Find out more about Mobility Allowance and the NDIS on the NDIS website.